Starlite Video Store
Many of the Videos - TV Series, Movies, Cartoons
are Widescreened by Starlite to fit TV screens of today.
Some Not widescreened due to the process which they were created.
Widescreened Videos are designated with (WS)
non-widescreened are designated with (Not WS)
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Zip File Sent TV, Movies, Cartoons / DVD's (Coming)
Videos are Emailed in a Zip File.
DVD's (*Coming) will be mailed by U.S.P.S. (U.S. Postal Service).
The charge for Shipping & Handling depends on amount ordered.
Foreign mailings will be more.
Price for Zip File sent Programs are $0.40 (40 Cents) per 30 Minute episode -
$0.50 (50 Cents) per 50-60 Minute episode
(Example: 30 episodes @ 40 cents each, total price is $12.00 USD).
*Zip File Videos:
Please keep in mind these are older Series and Films,
The Video quality may not be the same
as you see on today's broadcasts.
There are Many More Coming - Be Sure To Check Back With Us.

See Previews Here: Previews
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